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Home Care is the provision of care and other services to older people in their home. Home Care is designed to meet the needs of the older person to allow them to remain living in their home as independently as possible for longer. We provide home care both through Australian Government funded Home Care Packages, and on a private basis.

Accessing a Home Care Package

Home Care packages are available to people who need increased support and assistance to remain in their home.
To be eligible for a Home Care Package, a referral to an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) or Regional Assessment Service (RAS) is necessary.
A referral can be made by a health professional or you can contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or www.myagedcare.gov.au.
Once the ACAT or RAS have completed as assessment, an aged care client record (ACCR) or support plan will be provided. This document will approve an appropriate level of subsidised home care that the person is eligible to receive.


People receiving services through a Home Care Package are required to pay:

The total funds available for the person is the value of the package and the basic fee, but if the cost of the services desired is greater than the funds available, clients are able to pay an additional top-up amount.
A person can apply to us to have the daily contribution fee reduced, depending on their individual circumstances, however this will reduce the available funds for services.
All administrative and case management costs are taken from the packaged funds, while the costs of services are generally by an hourly rate (with the exception of transport that is per km).
Administrative fees are 10% to meet the costs of supporting the home care team deliver services, while a case management fee of $1.50 per day covers initial assessments and set up of services, care planning and regular review. Clients can opt to self-manage their package and not pay the case management fee, but all assessments, reviews, and care planning will be charged at an hourly rate.

Services Delivery

In keeping with Italian Aged Care’s Mission, we are committed to providing an excellent standard of care and services within a wider cultural and spiritual community.
At all times, we endeavour to provide services to care recipients with staff members who speak the same language and have understanding of their cultural and spiritual background.
Our scope of services is outlined in this page, but if there is a specific service that you are unsure whether we deliver or not, please discuss this requirement with us. If it is possible for us to deliver a service as part of a Home Care Package, we will aim to deliver.

Consumer Directed Care

We deliver all home care using a consumer directed care approach.
This means that the consumer has control and can make choices about what services they receive and how those services are delivered. Decisions are made in partnership with IAC Home Care; we can recommend services that promote your well-being and maximise independence, but the consumer will direct which services they receive, how often, and in what manner.

Scope of Services

We provide ongoing care and nursing through our team of multi-skilled staff and Registered Nurses. Our services range from assistance with showering, grooming, and dressing, to wound care, chronic disease monitoring and help with medication.

As well as regular visits, we also provide in-home respite care when a carer has a break; after hospital care where additional assistance is needed on a short-term basis: and end of life care to ensure comfort through additional care.

Therapy Services

Our therapy options are designed to maximise independence and assist with rehabilitation as required. We offer physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and podiatry in the home; as well as an opportunity to access our Day Therapy Centre in Marangaroo.

All therapies provide an individualised therapy plan and assistance to follow this where necessary. We are also able to offer counselling and spiritual support as required.

Other Services

We understand that some people need additional help to maintain independence. We provide domestic cleaning and laundry services; minor repairs and maintenance for home and garden; and delivery of pre-cooked meals for reheating.

We can also provide transport to help people attend appointments or travel in the community, and can supply and demonstrate recommended equipment (including installation as required).