Welcome to the Houses


The Villa Terenzio Houses were established as a low care facility (or hostel). It comprises 41 single en-suite rooms located in a clustered housing model.
Each of the four houses has its own kitchen, dining and lounge areas, as well as 24 hours staffing.
Meals are served in the dining room of each of the 4 houses, although lunch and dinner can also be enjoyed in a communal dining room.
The Standard Houses room is 20 m2 with 4 m2 en-suite.

For those who enjoy a more social environment, there is an expansive lounge adjacent to the communal dining room where residents gather for activities, a chat or just to watch television.
Central to each house is a delightful courtyard where residents can participate in growing herbs and other plants in the raised garden beds.
Or they may choose to simply sit back and relax in this shaded, colourful and aromatic area.

There is a pleasant, shaded courtyard leading from the communal lounge and yet another common outdoor area.
With its table and chairs and a gazebo, it is a popular place for residents to gather when family and friends visit.

RAD DAP Example of Combination
50% RAD and 50% DAP
$ 440,000 $ 48.70 RAD $ 220,000
DAP $ 24.17

Please note that for the example of a combination we have used 50% RAD(Refundable Accommodation Deposit) and 50% DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment), although any combination is available. These are current as at 22 February 2022.