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There are 18 single rooms with en-suites in this area of Villa Terenzio.
This area is designed for people who have lower physical needs, but require specialised secure dementia care. For the residents' safety, the unit is secured, but residents have free access to the indoor and outdoor areas within the unit.
The Room is approximately 20 m2 with a large en-suite

Meals are served in the small, homely kitchen adjacent to the communal dining room where the residents are served at their tables. There is a cosy lounge and an activity area where residents who wish to can participate in a number of varied activities under the guidance of the Occupational Therapy staff.

The two separate Mediterranean Courtyards were designed and created following funding from the State Government through the Office of Multicultural Interests.
Here the residents can sit and watch the world go by in the shade of the gazebo around which flourishes a grapevine. Throughout the courtyard are olive trees, lemon trees and containers with a variety of herbs.

RAD DAP Example of Combination
50% RAD and 50% DAP
$ 460,000 $ 50.92 RAD $ 230,000
DAP $ 25.27

Please note that for the example of a combination we have used 50% RAD(Refundable Accommodation deposit) and 50% DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment), although any combination is available. These are current as at 22 February 2022.