Welcome to Nursing Home


Villa Terenzio Nursing Home is a 43 bed facility for older people requiring a higher level of physical care.
Registered Nurses, trained care staff and therapists provide 24 hour care to residents. Meals are served in the communal dining room adjacent to the large, airy and sunlit lounge room.
The Standard NH room is 17.5 m2 without en-suite.

There is a smaller lounge room in a quiet corner of the nursing home area which is fondly known as "the Sun room". The Sun room provides residents with a more private area to meet with family and friends. There are facilities available in the Sun room so residents and visitors can enjoy refreshments within this pleasant and peaceful room.

Doors open from the dining room into a spacious outdoor area. The charm of this courtyard, like others in the facility, has been created by our enthusiastic Occupational Therapy staff and the residents. This area has recently been overhauled with a solid patio fitted to provide shelter from the elements, and a large wood-fired pizza oven installed.

A variety of activities and events take place in this area and those residents keen on gardening are welcome to tend the raised garden beds. Others may choose to just soak up the atmosphere outside - there's something for everyone.

RAD DAP Example of Combination
50% RAD and 50% DAP
$ 300,000 $ 33.21 RAD $ 150,000
DAP $ 16.60

Please note that for the example of a combination we have used 50% RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit) and 50% DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment), although any combination is available. These are current as at 22 February 2022.