Welcome to Special Care


The Special Care Unit has 26 beds for those requiring secure dementia care and have higher level of physical needs.
Each bedroom has access to an en-suite bathroom with a mixture of single and shared rooms.
Both the Single and the Shared Bedroom are approximately 16 m2 with a large en-suite.

In mid-2016 a new room has been developed to cater for a couple. This has been done due to the recognition that some couples may wish to enter residential care together.
A purpose built room with oversized bathroom has been created to address this need.

Meals are served to residents at their table in the communal dining room. The expansive lounge is adjacent to the outdoor area.
The large lounge area makes it an ideal spot for activities and, with the seemingly limitless imagination of the Occupation Therapy staff and our residents, many creative works of art are produced.

Due to most of the residents having increased physical needs, outings are arranged using Italian Aged Care transport that have capacity to carry wheelchairs and walking aids.

RAD DAP Example of Combination
50% RAD and 50% DAP
Single Room $ 460,000 $ 50.92 RAD $ 230,000
DAP $ 25.27
Single Extra Room $ 550,000 $ 60.88 RAD $ 275,000
DAP $ 30.21
Couples Room $ 350,000 per person $ 38.74 RAD $ 175,000
DAP $ 19.23
Shared Double Room $ 400,000 $ 44.27 RAD $ 200,000
DAP $ 21.97

Please note that for the example of a combination we have used 50% RAD(Refundable Accommodation Deposit) and 50% DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment), although any combination is available. These are current as at 22 February 2022.